GS1 Request for Advisor/ Co-advisor appointment        

GS1/1 Request to committee for Changes of Advisor and/or Co-Advisor

GSci10.1 Request for Qualified Examination

GSci10.2 Request for Appointment of Qualified Examination Committee

GSci10.3 Report on Qualified Examination

GSci1 Request for Appointment of Thesis Proposal Examination Committee

GSci2 Request for Thesis Proposal Examination

GSci3 Report on Proposal Examination            


GS2 Request for Thesis Proposal Approval

Letter of Consent (Attach with GS2)

GS2/1 Request for Thesis Proposal amendment               

GS3 Request for Appointment of thesis Examination Committee


GS3/1 Request for Change of Thesis Examination Committee

GS4 Request for Thesis Examination              

GS4/1 The Information of Publication of Thesis

GS4/2 Request for Change of Thesis Examination Date  

GS5 Report on Thesis Examination

GS9 Report on Progress of Thesis