Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University Announcement : Regulations and Procedures to Request Visa Extension Letter for International Students

Applications form for one-year visa extension (Non-Immigrant Visa “Ed”)

- Notification form for house-master, owner or the possesor of the residence where alien has stayed
- The Acknowledgment of Penalties for a visa overstay
- Application for extension of temporary stay in the kingdom (TM. 7)
- Acknowledgement of terms and conditions for Permit of temporary stay in the Kingdom of Thailand
- Consent to Disclosure of Information
- Information Form for Foreign National
- Certificate of Classmate
- PSU map

Applications form for 90-day Report

- Form for alien to notify of staying longer than 90 days

- Information Form for Foreign National

Applications form for re-entry

- Application for re-entry permit into the Kingdom (TM. 8)

- Information Form for Foreign National

Check list the documents for one-year visa extension (before submit to Graduate Studies Staff)


Contact: Graduate Studies Office, Faculty of Science, PSU
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